The Locket Collection, by Monica Rich Kosann

Emerging from the world of portrait and lifestyle photography, Monica Rich Kosann created a line of beautiful, classic and modern jewellery, designed to tell a story and inspire the wearer.

Born and raised in New York City, Kosann drew from her childhood as well as from her passion for photography and antique treasures to create a line of timeless, elegant and stylish jewellery that could be passed down from one family member to the next and treasured for generations.

At Royal de Versailles Jewellers, we carry several of her creations and would love for you to get to know a few of those pieces a little more intimately.

This beautiful Chrysoprase teardrop shaped locket is unique and vibrant in its colour and design. With a stunning diamond pavé border, this locket is presented on an 18 K gold double Wheat Chain, adding an extra element of glamour to this piece. The gorgeous green elegantly commands attention while adding just the right amount of colour to your overall look and complementing any choice of outfit, whether you’ve chosen jeans and a t-shirt, a suit jacket and blouse, or a colourful party dress.

Their function as a locket, as well as an artfully designed necklace, is what makes these pieces so special, allowing you to keep close your most treasured memories while exhibiting such remarkable style.

For a softer and more versatile design, this aqua-coloured “Cat’s Eye” oval-shaped locket exudes elegance like nothing else. The captivating glow of the stone tells a story on its own, adding intrigue to the story it holds inside. Surrounded by a border of 18 K gold, this exquisite and beautiful locket presents like a window to the soul, elevating your overall look with the moments you hold most dear.

Another spectacular Chrysoprase locket, this fierce and modern design offers a captivating enclosure for your treasured moments. Vivacious in colour and spirit, this piece is beautifully worn as a statement on its own or accompanied by additional necklaces for a chic layered look, and with the same versatility as every other locket in this collection.
Kosann is able to brilliantly capture the beauty of fleeting moments that fade through time but remain in our hearts, front and center, through both her photography and her jewellery.
We invite you to visit these special pieces to experience their beauty in person at our store in Yorkville, Toronto.